Welcome to my art blog.

The artworks shown in this blog were all designed and created by me, H. Leslie (Les) Simmons.


I have created art works in  wood, clay, charcoal, scratchboard, soft stone, plaster, and other mediums. Samples of all these show on the various pages of this blog.  To see a complete list of my work shown on this blog click on the following link:  Index of Work.

Today I concentrate mostly in works created in wood.  I am now concentrating on pet, wildlife, and people portraits in wood.  To see my pet and wildlife portraits go to Store and click on the links there. 

The following images are samples taken from my work.  To see more examples, click on the image.  Doing so will take you to the page where that type of work is highlighted.

I hope that my blog will give potential clients the sense of diverse and unique ideas that can be part of any commissioned work.  I am prepared to make and sell pet portraits, wildlife portraits portraits of people, and mutually agreed on pieces of sculpture, intarsia, Christmas ornaments, scratchboard, or scroolsaw art on commission for inclusion in your collection or as gifts to your friends, loved ones, or your charity or favorite commemorative event.  Cik on the links at the top of this page to see examples of each of these types of work.


Some of my original art pieces are for sale.  They are so noted at the image of the art in the pages where the art is located.  Some of them are listed in the My Store page in this blog.   To see the pieces that are for sale and for information about prices, ordering, shipping, and how to contact me with questions,  please click on this link to STORE.

Pet Portraits in Wood

Click on the following image to       Click on the following image to

go to the page illustrating my          go to the page illustrating my

pet portraits done in intarsia.          wildlife portraits in wood


Tabby Cat                                            Mamma White Tiger with Cubs

The following image is an example of my pet portraits done in scratchboard.

Wildlife Portraits in Wood and Other Mediums

The following image is an example of my wildlife portraits done as a wood carving.  I also do wildlife portraits as scratchboard art and intarsia.

Portraits in Wood, Scratchboard, and Charcoal

The first image here one of my portrait done as a scrollsaw cutting.

Wood Sculpture

The PIPER image below is a  sample taken from my wood sculpture.


This is one of 11 pieces shown of my intarsia.  To see the rest click on Intarsia

Sculpture in Materials Other Than Wood

What the Hell is this thing? 8 in. cast stone

This is one of 13 pieces shown of my other sculpture.  To see rest click on the sculpture link.

Scrollsaw Art

Worf – Wood Cutout 12 in. x 15 in.

This is one of 3 wood cutouts shown.  To see the rest click on the Wood Cutouts and Etching link.


This is one of 14 Christmas ornaments shown.  To see rest click on Christmas Ornaments.


Black Labrador Retriever

This is one of the six pieces shown of my scratchboard engravings.  To see more click on Scratchboard.


This is one of my ink drawings.  For others see Ink and Felt Tip Marker Drawings.

This is one of my felt tip marker drawings.  To see more click on Ink and Felt Tip Marker Drawings.


This drawing of famous Boston Pops conductor Authur Fiedler ia an example of my caricatures.  To see more click on Caricatures and Cartoons.


This World War I flying ace is an example of my charcoal work.  To see more click on Charcoal.


This is an enlargement of one of my prints.  To see others click on Prints and Pastels.  There are also other prints in Scratchboard.

Thanks for viewing my blog.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and will consider obtaining a piece of my work for your collection or as a gift.

Les Simmons